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Carlo DeVito is a long time wine lover, and author of books and magazine articles. He is the author of Wineries of the East Coast. He has traveled to wine regions in California, Canada, up and down the east coast, France, Spain and Chile. He has been a published executive for more than 20 years. He shepherded the wine book program of Wine Spectator as well as worked with Kevin Zraly, Oz Clarke, Matt Kramer, Tom Stevenson, Evan Dawson, Greg Moore, Howard Goldberg, and many other wine writers. He has also published Salvatore Calabrese, Jim Meehan, Clay Risen, and Paul Knorr. Mr. DeVito is the inventor of the mini-kit which has sold more than 100,000,000 copies world wide. He has also publisher such writers as Stephen Hawking, E. O Wilson, Philip Caputo, Gilbert King, James McPherson, John and Mary Gribbin, Thomas Hoving, David Margolick, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., John Edgar Wideman, Stanley Crouch, Dan Rather, Dee Brown, Susie Bright, and Eleanor Clift. He is also the owner of Hudson-Chatham Winery, co-founder of the Hudson Berkshire Beverage Trail, and president of the Hudson Valley Wine Country.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Great New Poster Promoting New York Wine

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wandering Star Zingari (Pittsfield, PA)

A little while back, I was at The Red Lion Inn, having a pint at the Lion’s Den, their very comfy bar downstairs. Such a fun place. I asked what local beer they had on tap, and the man mentioned a beer from Wandering Star Brewery called Zingari. How do you turn that down? I included them on this blog, because they are very near the Hudson Valley.

Wandering Star is a 15 barrel microbrewery in Pittsfield, Western Massachusetts - the largest city in beautiful Berkshire County. The Brewery is the joint effort of three transplanted brewers and craft beer enthusiasts who met in New York City's thriving craft beer scene a few years back. After a long and bumpy path, we finally became a fully licensed and operational commercial craft brewery in 2011. The winery brew crew is as studded with big beer names as you can imagine for such a small winery.

The Morning Star brew team includes Shannon Post, the President. Chris Post, owner, founder, brewmaster was the 2010 President of the New York City Homebrewers Guild, and Ex-assistant brewer at Greenpoint Beer Works (affiliated with the Heartland pubs). He is an award-winning and passionate homebrewer who has gone commercial with Wandering Star.

Alex Hall is a partner. He covers NYC sales and events. He’s also the website guru. Alex is a famous Ale Street News columnist. In 2006 he was President of the Malted Barley Appreciation Society. Alex also is the Real Ale guru and organizer of scores of cask ale festivals in NYC and beyond, author of 'Beer Demystifier New York City' ( Formerly with England's award-winning Dark Star Brewery.

Chris Cuzme is also a partner who also covers NYC sales and events. In 2011 he was President of the New York City Homebrewers Guild, 2010 President of the Malted Barley Appreciation Society, co-founder of the NYC Degustation Advisory Team, and he was one of the driving forces behind NYC Craft Beer Week and 'Get Real New York'. He’s also an extraordinary musician.

Brewhouse assistant is Juan Bolte.

The beer I had was the Wandering Star Zingari, a Belgian Witbier.
First introduced on October 2011, 'Zingari' is Italian for gypsies, and this name perfectly captures Wandering Star's take on the Belgian Wit style. Brewed with 50% six-row barley and 50% malted and unmalted wheat, the beer is subtly spiced with lemongrass, cardamom, fenugreek, and coriander. The result is a refreshing 5% ABV beer with a zingy citrus zest.

This was a great beer! I usually don’t go for stuff that’s too fru-fru. And the lemongrass mention kinds worried me. Nothing to worry about. This was an excellent witbeir. Awesome!

Their located in Pittsfield with a tasting room. Go, now!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hudson-Chatham Winery Featured at Winemakers Series at Empire State Cellars

This Saturday experience the true artisanal wine and cheeses of Hudson Chatham Winery

Owner,Carlo DeVito, Saturday, April 14th 5-7pm
EMPIRE STATE CELLARS at Tanger Outlets in Riverhead, NY!

The Hudson-Chatham Winery is the dream of Carlo and Dominique
DeVito, both publishing professionals who

Carlo and Dominique have long shared a love of wine.
This exciting new winery, which specializes in small hand-made batches of wine,
is dedicated to the richness of the Hudson River Valley, particularly its wine,
agriculture, literature, art, history, and many other attractions that make it a
rich and special region. The Hudson-Chatham Winery, located between the
historic towns of Hudson and Chatham, is the first winery in Columbia

As well as creating fine artisanal wines, the DeVito family (including two dogs),
and many valued friends, have worked hard restoring the winery's grounds and its
prestigious circa 1780 farmhouse. The winery features hand-crafted wines,
cheeses and desserts.

Carlo DeVito is a long time wine lover, and author of books and magazine articles. He is the author of
Wineries of the East Coast. He has traveled to wine regions in California, Canada, up and down the East coast,
France, Spain and Chile. He was also a publisher at
Running Press Book Publishers, where he published books from Wine Spectator, as well as books with
Greg Moore (of Moore Bros.), Matt Kramer, Howard Goldberg, and many other wine writers. He is currently VP, Editorial Director of Sterling Epicure where his
authors also include Kevin Zraly, Oz Clarke, Tom Stevenson, Terry Walters, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and the Edible Communities cookbook program.

Mr. DeVito has also been the editor of many successful traditional trade books,
including Strange Fruit by David Margolick, On the Shoulders of Giants by
Stephen Hawking, and three titles by Malachy McCourt

He is also the author of more than 15 books, including his highly acclaimed
biographies of D. Wayne Lukas, Wellington Mara, Yogi Berra, and Phil Rizzuto.

These are some of elegant and unique small batch wines Hudson Chatham Winery produces:

2010 Baco Noir Old Vines Mason Place
Vineyards Pultney Farms

This wine comes from vines that
are more than 60 years old. The berries are dark and ripe. The wine is all
handmade, and unfiltered and unfined. It's aged in French oak barrels. The major
profile of this wine is it's deep dark sour cherry flavor, with hints of plum
and prune, and big whiffs of vanilla and fallen leaves. A medium palate wine,
this is a soft approachable red that has become one of the signature wines of
the Hudson-Chatham stable.

Chelois Casscles Vineyards
This is one of the crown jewels of the Hudson-Chatham line. A soft, cherry flavored red table wine made from Chelois grapes. Grown on a small parcel, this wine is handmade, unfiltered,
and unfined. Hudson-Chatham Chelois features a bright red cherry profile, with gentle touches
of vanilla and fallen leaves. A exquisite red wine comparable to a light Burgundy Pinot Noir.

The Hudson Chatham Cheddar line will be available to taste and for purchase. They are
normally only available at Hudson Chatham Winery. Another exclusive for ESC fans.

We are excited to have the very talented Carlo DeVito here as our guest, and look forward to
seeing you Saturday evening

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April is Blush Wine Month in the Hudson Valley!

In the Hudson Valley, April is Blush Wine Month! Blush wines and rose wines are an excellent light bodied alternative. Great for brunch, light, and light evening meals. They tend to be spicer than whites, but not as heavy as reds.

They tend to be pink in color. Some might be a nice bright pink, others might be a more muted salmon pink, or a slightly softer pale pink.

There are two kinds of pink wine: rose’ and blush. Rose’ is the drier of the two. Rose’ is generally made bone dry like a nice Chablis or something along those lines. Bight acidity and low tannins with fresh fruits. These wines are usually great with cheese, salads, fish, light chicken dishes, or even porck chops with light sides. These are elegant, light wines of distinction. Blush on the other hand is usually off-dry to semi-sweet. These are great with fun foods like bbq, nachos, salads, Chinese or Thai foods. These are great wines as the summer gets warmer, and you want to sip something fun by the pool or on the backyard patio, great for summer parties.

Pink wines are usually made in several different ways.

The best rose’s are usually free run pressings of red grapes. Maybe the wine is left on the skins for a few brief hours just to get the right amount of color. Others take part of the run and let the wine sit on the skins until it is red, and then add back a certain amount for coloring that way it is all the same grape, but the winemaker can then determine how dark or light they want it.

Other times, it’s a blending of two different wines red and white.

Dry rose’s have been made in Europe for years. But the sweeter style blush is an American invention. According to Wikipedia, “In the early 1970s, demand for white wine exceeded the availability of white wine grapes, so many California producers made "white" wine from red grapes, in a form of saignée production with minimal skin contact, the "whiter" the better. In 1975, Sutter Home's "White Zinfandel" wine experienced a stuck fermentation, a problem in which the yeast dies off before all the sugar is turned to alcohol. Winemaker Bob Trinchero put it aside for two weeks, then upon tasting it he decided to sell this pinker, sweeter wine.”

Rosé has now exceeded white wines in sales.

Here are some wonderful blush and rose wines from the Hudson Valley:

Amici Dry Rose

Benmarl Catawba

Brookview Station Sunset Charlie

Brotherhood May Wine

Colebrook Signature Rose
El Paso Rosebud

Happy Bitch

Hudson-Chatham Salamagundi Blush

Mountain View 2008 First Kiss Blush

Palaia Joyful Pink

Pazdar Rendezvous

Tousey Rebellion Rose

Saratoga Blush Crush

Stoutridge 2007 Quimby's Rosé

Warwick Black Dirt Blush

Regardless of whether you like dry rose’s or semi-sweet blushes, these wines are fun, fresh, and fruity, and an excellent alternative when red just seems to heavy and white too light. After all, pink is a happy color. It’s always fun!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hudson Valley Wine and Spirits Authority Bill Dowd on WAMC

In mid March Bill Dowd, the renowned wine and spirits writer and editor, appeared on The Roundtable, on WAMC. He is recently the author of BARRELS AND DRAMS.

In the interview Bill discusses the history of whiskey and bourbon and discussed whiskey making world wide, as well as a mention of the distilleries in the Hudson Valley and the Finger Lakes.


The book also recently won at the prestigous THE BOOK INDUSTRY GUILD OF NEW YORK 28TH ANNUAL NEW YORK BOOK SHOW


Congrats to Bill!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Senator Schumer Calls for Marketing of Hudson Valley Wineries


Millions of International Tourists Visit NYC and the Lower Hudson Valley Each Year, But Few Head North To Visit Hudson Valley Wineries

To Help Bring More Visitors To Local Wineries, Schumer Calls On Federal Program “Brand USA” To Partner With New HV Food & Beverage Group On Marketing Campaign To Get Tourists To Visit Wineries

Schumer: This Partnership Would Help “Pour” Jobs Into The HV

Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer called on Brand USA, a public-private partnership between the travel industry and the U.S. Commerce Department, to develop a partnership with wineries in Orange County and the Hudson Valley, that are currently missing out on record-high international tourism levels to nearby New York City and other parts of the Hudson Valley. Specifically, Schumer is calling on Brand USA to partner with the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Group to develop an international marketing strategy that would attract the millions of international tourists that visit New York City and lower Hudson Valley attractions, like Woodbury Commons, in order to increase tourism and provide a boost to Hudson Valley’s economy.

“We need to make sure that international tourists to the Big Apple hear about our world-class wineries not just through the grape vine, but on radio, TV, and billboards,” said Schumer. “This partnership could take our wineries to the next level and I’m confident that if tourists catch wind of all that they have to offer, our Hudson Valley wineries will be overflowing with new visitors, helping to pour jobs into the local economy when we need them the most. With Brand USA’s international expertise, the Hudson Valley Food and Beverage Cluster can tap into this market that’s slipping by us right now, and help bring new tourism dollars into our local economy.”

“HVEDC, along with our partners in the Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance, will create, design and implement a multi-year, multi-million dollar marketing and branding campaign for the Hudson Valley designed to attract international tourism to our growing Wineries throughout Orange County and the Hudson Valley Region,” said HVEDC President Mike Oates. “Our campaign will be designed to foster strong collaboration between our food and beverage companies, resorts and retail shopping centers to increase international tourism as well as to open new markets for our products overseas. The campaign elements will include a comprehensive social media experience, print and broadcast media, international tradeshows and events, and sweepstakes and contests. We believe that with this program, we can reinforce that message that the Hudson Valley has everything a tourist could want – from our wineries to our resorts to our retail shopping centers; the Hudson Valley has it all. We again thank Senator Schumer for his leadership and support as we work to grow our economy and bring investment in the Hudson Valley region.”

According to the Department of Commerce, New York City was the most visited city by overseas travelers in 2010, and experienced a 9% increase in visitors last year. However, Schumer noted that this tourism in NYC does not translate to increased tourism at other tourist spots in the state, such as the dozens of wineries across Orange County and the Hudson Valley, including the 11 wineries of the Shawangunk Wine Trail. Therefore, Schumer is urging Brand USA to help double down in this effort to bring an increase in international tourism, and to partner with local hotels and restaurants to create destination packages to entice international travelers, in an effort to link local businesses with the program.

Schumer visited Brotherhood Winery and was joined by owner of the Brotherhood Winery and wineries of the Shawangunk Winery Trail, President Mike Oates of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (HVEDC), members of The Orange County Partnership and the Orange County Chamber of Commerce as he called on Brand USA to help develop an international marketing campaign to attract tourists to Hudson Valley’s wineries. In total, there are 26 wineries in the Hudson Valley, and a total of 42 wineries along both banks of the Hudson River.

With federal assistance from Brand USA, the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation, wineries of the Hudson Valley and wineries of the Shawangunk Wine Trail are seeking to create and implement a comprehensive marketing and ad campaign to target international tourists to visit the wineries of the Hudson Valley. The plan will be a multi-year and multi-million dollar marketing and branding campaign targeted to reach international tourists who are already visiting the Hudson Valley for shopping, vacations, visiting family or for business. The campaign will be designed to utilize the strong relationships between food and beverage companies, hotels, resorts and retail shopping centers to increase international tourism as well as open up new markets for Hudson Valley products overseas.

Under the proposal being crafted by the newly-created Hudson Valley Food and Beverage Cluster, which is part of the HVEDC, the campaign will include a comprehensive social media experience, print and broadcast media, international tradeshows and events, and sweepstakes and contests. The campaign will also utilize physical advertising in frequently visited locations by the Cluster’s target market including Woodbury Commons, Stewart Airport and the NYC Metro Airports.

Brand USA is owned and operated by the Corporation for Travel Promotion, and this public-private marketing entity was authorized by Congress and created in 2010 to encourage and inspire travelers to explore America’s boundless possibilities. The Brand USA campaign plans to focus on four types of experiences that await tourists from aboard, great outdoors, urban excitement, culture and indulgence. Brand USA aims to encourage families and solo travelers alike to take trips to America through a campaign that will utilize social media and mobile media, as well as advertising, promotions, and public relations abroad. Schumer is pushing for Brand USA to help attract visitors and increase tourism to the hundreds of wineries in Orange County and the Hudson Valley.

According to the Department of Commerce, New York City was the most visited by overseas travelers in 2010, and experienced a 9% increase in visitors last year. However, Schumer noted that this tourism in NYC does not translate to increased tourism at other national tourist spots in the state, such as the dozens of beautiful wineries across the Northern Hudson Valley. Therefore, Schumer is urging Brand USA to help double down in this effort to bring an increase in international tourists to Hudson Valley wineries, including those along the Shawangunk Winery Trail. Under the Brand USA program, the food and beverage coalition can utilize their international expertise to craft an effective marketing campaign utilizing social and traditional media. Brand USA, financed by a $1 billion budget, can provide a 2-1 match on every dollar spent on the effort by the food and beverage coalition.

The United States first-ever nationally coordinated tourism marketing program was created by the Travel Promotion Act, federal legislation passed in March 2010. A public-private partnership between the travel industry and the U.S. government, the Corporation for Travel Promotion – now Brand USA Inc. – was charged with increasing international visitation to the United States through marketing and promotional efforts to drive job creation and economic growth. The organization is led by private industry with oversight from the Department of Commerce and U.S. Congress. The program is funded through a combination of private sector investment and funds collected by the Department of Homeland Security from international visitors who visit the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. No U.S. taxpayer dollars are used to fund the program. Brand USA’s headquarters are located in Washington, DC.

A copy of Senator Schumer’s letter to Brand USA’s Stephen Cloobeck appears below:

Stephen J. Cloobeck

The Brand USA, Inc.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

1725 Eye St. NW

Washington, DC 20816

Dear Mr. Chairman,

I write to urge you to partner with Hudson Valley Wineries and the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation on one of your first-ever international travel promotion initiatives. The wineries located in the Hudson Valley include some of the most sought after and unique wineries in the United States, including Brotherhood Winery, the oldest winery in America. With its proximity to International Tourist destinations, including The Woodbury Commons and its millions of visitors a year, the Hudson Valley is ideally situated to attract a new market of international consumers looking for a unique travel experience.

With over a dozen wineries spanning several counties in the Hudson Valley, the density and quality of wineries will make for a marketable and highly sought after product. By collectively establishing a comprehensive marketing plan for the wineries and hospitality industries in the Hudson Valley, Brand USA will be making a wise investment to increase international tourism to New York.

With the recent establishment of the Hudson Valley Food and Beverage Alliance, the timing is ripe to design and implement a multi-year marketing and branding campaign for these wineries. By partnering with the Shawangunk Wine Trail and local economic development officials Brand USA will be bringing together all the necessary resources to create a unique, creative and ultimately successful campaign to increase visitors to the United States.

Based on the potential to positively impact the Hudson Valley Wineries, spur economic development and growth while fulfilling the mission of Brand USA I am urging your organization to immediately partner with the HVEDC and Hudson Valley Wineries to develop a world class campaign for tourists around the world.

Thank you for your attention to this request. I look forward to working with you.

Senator Schumer: Marketing can put Hudson Valley Wine Trail on the Map

Schumer and winery president Hernan Donoso check
out the wine casks

WASHINGTONVILLE – Millions of international tourists visit New York City and the Hudson Valley each year, but few get to the more than 40 wineries in the area. A marketing campaign is needed, said Senator Charles Schumer, who visited the Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville Wednesday afternoon.

Schumer called on Brand USA, a public-private partnership between the travel industry and the U.S. Commerce Department, to develop a partnership with wineries in Orange County and the Hudson Valley.

“Work with local wineries to develop a brand new strategy that will attract some of those tourists to help bring new tourists and thus new jobs into the Hudson Valley economy,” the senator said.

Schumer said part of the branding campaign could include billboards that would be seen by international arriving passengers leaving JFK Airport, and audio ads in taxis.

This would be a mostly privately funded initiative, although Brand USA does receive some federal funding.

Pasta Primo Vino April 14 & 15th, 2012

Shawangunk Wine Trail’s 18th annual event to be held April 14 and 15

KINGSTON, N.Y. (April 2, 2012) – The Shawangunk Wine Trail’s annual Pasta Primo Vino tour returns for an 18th year with each winery offering a sampling of different wines and pasta dishes and local wineries are getting their dishes ready.

Eight Ulster County wineries are among the stops on the self-guided tour. The 12 family-owned wineries on the Shawangunk Wine Trail stretch from New Paltz south to Warwick in Orange County.

Wine is the perfect complement to many pasta dishes and this tour will offer a variety of pairings to please any palate. Some wineries will unveil new releases to taste and others will present house favorites and the pasta dishes are equally varied and delicious:

Adair Vineyards, New Paltz: Pasta du Jour
Applewood Winery, Warwick: Asian Inspired Spring Pasta Salad
Baldwin Vineyards, Pine Bush: Baked Ziti
Benmarl Vineyards, Marlboro: Penne a la Vodka
Brimstone Hill Vineyards, Pine Bush: Pasta Provencal
Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville: Barilla Gemelli Pasta with Garlis Scape Pesto
Glorie Farm Winery, Marlboro: That Delicious Glorie Orzo Salad
Palaia Vineyard, Highland Mills: Grandma Carmella’s Pasta with Red Sauce and Beans with Farfalle
Robibero Family Vineyards, New Paltz: Spaghetti Pie
Stoutridge Vineyard, Marlboro – Spring Pasta Salad
Warwick Valley Winery, Warwick: Rigatoni with Homemade Sausage, Sage, Spring Peas and Fresh Ricotta
Whitecliff Vineyards, Gardiner: Pasta Arrabbiatta Migliori
“This is a major tourism event for Ulster County as eight of the wineries are right here and they help show off how scenic and attractive our county is to visitors,” said Richard J. Remsnyder, tourism director for Ulster County Tourism. “This is simply a fun way to spend the weekend in the county and enjoy the hospitality our region is famous for.”

Single-day tickets for the event, which will be held from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 14, and Sunday, April 15, 2012, are available through Wine Taster tickets include a commemorative wine glass, wine tasting and pasta tastings at all wineries for $23.76 or $30.00 (plus tax) at the door. A Two-Day Wine Taster ticket is also available for just $28.27. A Designated Driver ticket is also available, which includes just the pasta tastings at each winery for $5.40. All prices include tax unless otherwise noted.

The Shawangunk Wine Trail is nestled between the famous Shawangunk Mountains and the majestic Hudson River, just 85 miles north of New York City. The 12 wineries on the trail, as well as dozens of “Associate Members” are dedicated to making each visit a memorable experience.

For more information on Ulster County tourism events visit

Monday, April 02, 2012

Hudson Berkshire Beverage Trail Pasta Event Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hudson Berkshire Beverage Trail Pasta Event
Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012, you can do special tastings of the wonderful hand-crafted wines, beers, and spirits made by the venues on the Hudson Berkshire Beverage Trail for the special price of $20 ($5 for designated drivers). Purchase a Trail passport at the first location you visit, and bring it along as you “ramble” the Trail. Each venue will conduct a special tasting for passport carriers, and will feature a special pasta dish to go with it. Trail members are: Hudson-Chatham Winery, Chatham Brewing, Harvest Spirits Distillery, and Brookview Station Winery in New York, and Furnace Brook Winery in Massachusetts.

Passport Members get:
complimentary free tasting flights of wine, beers, and spirits at all locations on the specified date
free pasta samplings

This is a great value! Passports will be available for $20 on the day of the event at each participating venue!

Special Designated Driver Passport: $5 with complimentary strawberries!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail Bus Tours From Albany April 21, 2012

The Hudson-Berkshire Beverage Trail
Saturday April 21, 2012
$85 pp

We begin our Sip & Sample Trail Event at Brookview Station Winery located at Goolds Orchards. Enjoy many of their award winning wines where fruit is their main ingredient. Next we’re off to Harvest Spirits here they create award winning Core Vodka which is buttery to the taste.

LUNCH is at Kozels Restaurant, family owned and operated for 75 years specializing in traditional American cuisine.

Following lunch we continue our journey to the Hudson-Chatham Winery, noted in 2011, as the Best Winery in the Capital Region. Our next stop along the trail is Chatham Brewing where they brew beer weekly from all natural ingredients. We end our trail event at the Furnace Brook Winery. In addition to their delicious wines and ciders, Furnace Brook sells fruit pies, scones, cider donuts, and preserves.

Depart: 8:30 am
From: Wade Terminal
Return: 7:30 pm

Depart: 9 am
From: Crossgates Mall
Return: 6:45 pm

Depart: 9:15 am
From: Latham Farms
Return: 9:15 pm

Go to:

Lots of fun! Come and enjoy!