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Monday, December 27, 2010

Millbrook, Whitecliff, Oak Summit and Hudson-Chatham Make 2010 NYCR Finalists

Below is the Hudson Valley bracket of the NYCR 2010 Wines of the Year. Congratyulations to all those that made it!

December 22, 2010
The New York Cork Report 2010 Wines of the Year: The Finalists
By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

After tasting, re-tasting and re-re-tasting dozens of wines over the last few weeks, today we're happy to announce the finalists in our "New York Cork Report 2010 Wines of the Year" program.

Each wine was hand-picked by the wine editor for each respective region -- Evan Dawson (Finger Lakes), Bryan Calandrelli (Niagara) and myself (Long Island and Hudson River Region) -- and will be tasted by the NYCR team in mid-January to determine the winners.

Hudson Valley White
Hudson-Chatham Winery 2009 Empire Reserve White
Millbrook Winery 2008 Block Two West Chardonnay
White Cliff Winery 2009 Riesling

Hudson Valley Red
Hudson-Chatham Winery 2009 Baco Noir Reserve
Millbrook Winery 2008 Block Five East Pinot Noir
Oak Summit Vineyard 2008 Pinot Noir

Read the whole thing at:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glorie Farm Winery Cabernet Franc 2007

Doug Glorie is a farmer and a winery owner. He sells grapes to a large number of wineries in the valley. But Doug also makes his own wines as well. He and his wife, MaryEllen, and their dog Sullivan, work hard to make sure the trains run on time at the farm and winery.

His wine maker is Anne C. Reagan, who is also a friend and former neighbor. Fresh out of graduate school in Vermont, Anne began her wine career in New York working with artist, entrepreneur, and Hudson Valley wine pioneer Mark Miller. He trained her well in the Burgundian style of winemaking there.

Anne also has a strong background in California viticulture having worked with varieties ranging from Syrah, Barbera, and the Cabernets, to Zinfandel. In 2000 her Zin (Lodi, Central Valley) was awarded best Zinfandel in the country at the Atlanta Wine Summit.

Anne and her best friend and business partner Liz Quinn own and operate Albanhaus Kennels in Salt Point, New York, a full dog and cat boarding operation. Outside of dogs, she loves to work with the terroir that comes from the farm winery.

Which brings me to this Cabernet Franc. First off this is a 2007. So they've let it age. And secondly, this is an estate Cabernet Franc, grown right there in oug's vineyards. Thirdly, they aged the wine in New York oak. This is truly a product of the Hudson Valley.

The wine had a lovely color. Not too dark, it was a light-to-medium bodied red wine, with a translucent red color, that was red, but got considerably darker as it concentrated. And at the endges of the glass, there was the slightlest hint of reddish orange, or light brick red.

The wine itself had aromas of stewed fruits - bright cherries, light raspberry, and a whiff of tomato, vanilla, and a touch of dried leaves and leather - a sure sign of aging. Once on the tongue, the wine delivered cherries and other stewed lighter berries. Maybe even a hint of lingonberry? The wine was smooth though, with low tannins, and a nice, clean finnish.

At Glorie Farm Winery they've made a lot of popular wines with funky names like Jumpin' Jazz, Sweet Caroline, Red Monkey, and Candy Ass Red. These are all fun, picnic styled wines. And they have been very popular with customers. But this Cabernet Franc is a huge step away from all of that. Firstly, the label is filled with whacky art meant to appeal to a mass audience. It plain, simple, and no-frills. It's also a more classic red wine profile, something out of Bordeaux (a light Bordeaux) or Burgundy. It's the kind of product that winery owners don't always push real hard, because they'd just as soon drink them themselves. And it's the kind of wine other winemakers whisper about and say, "Did you try Doug's Cab Franc? Wow!" It's the kind of wine winemakers buy from each other. So what the hell are you waiting for?

Stoutridge Merlot 2008

I have know Steve Osborn five years now. He has been a friend, especially when I was in need. And he and his wife Kim have been a great asset to the valley. He bring s a special ind of winemaking to the valley, and a great mindset. His winery is state of the art, and is solar powered. But for all his high tech stuff, Steve likes to make all natural, old world styled wines.

I saw him at the recent Art & Wine get together at Locust Grove, the former home of Samuel Morse.

One of the wines he was pouring was his Vidal Blanc. I have always loved his Vidal Blanc, crisp, clean, and vibrant. A wonderful accompaniment to cheese, fish, salads, and other light dishes.

But the other wine that really surprised me was his Merlot 2008. A big, deep red. A real nice surprise.

Unfiltered and unfined, this Merlot, made from Long Island fruit is 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc. This is a big soft red. Big aromas of dark berry, dark raspberry, come through, with hints of vanilla, and earth. There's a hint of something herbal maybe? But the flavors are absolutely raspberry, dark plum, blackberry, tea, and a touch of mocha. A fairly low tannin wine for such a big flavor profile. But that's also the nice thing about it. It's very, very easy drinking. Great with food (I was dreaming of a nice, well aged Parmesan cheese or a nice piece
or a grilled pork chop), but also good for drinking by the fire.

Very nice!

Brotherhood Pinot Noir

Cesar Beza was working the room last night. He is the grand man of the Hudson Valley. Everyone is always happy to see Cesar, he's like royalty as he walks through, suit and ties, smiling, and greeting people warmly.
And also there was Colleen, also the fun young presence of Brotherhood Winery.

As Cesar was working the room, Collen poured. He ventured back to the table several times, to talk up his wine. Chat a minute, and then went back to chatting with almost everyone there.

During the evening I tried the Brotherhood Pinot Noir. This is a light to medium bodied Pinot Noir, with a translucent warm red. The nose had cherry (and a touch of raspberry?) with dusty leaves and dried earth. The flavor was a light, stewed raspberries and cherries, with a flash of pepper at the end. A lovely, smooth, delicate Pinot Noir with great flavor.

Palaia Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2006

Last night I was at a tasting and the opportunity to try a number of wines. The lighting had some mood to it, so some of my pictures didn't come out as well as I wanted. I'm no Ansel Adams. And I can't stand to lug around my 35 mm digital camera. Ugh!
One of the wines I really liked was this Palaia Cabernet Franc 2006. It's an estate grown Cab Franc. And it's kinda different, which is why I think I liked it so much.
Jan Palaia was there. She's always so nice and accomodating.
It was a very light Cabernet Franc. Possibly one of the lightest Cabernet Francs I've ever had. But the nose was cherries, and vanilla and a whiff of smoke. Nice earthy nose. And the taste was fabulous. Almost like Pinot, with a bright cherry coming through, and a peppery ending.
A very Burgundy slant on Cab Franc. Very nice!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Linda Piero and Bob Bedford, of Hudson Valley Wine magazine, hosted to Hudson Valley Art & Wine 2010 event at the Locust Grove at the The Samuel Morse Historic Site. The wineries were there, the artists were there, and the Hudson Valley Tourism folks were there.

And there was a lot to celebrate. This was a preview of some of the art destined for the final big show in spring 2010. The show will then travel up and down the valley and be featured in several museums and galleries from Westchester to Albany.

There has been a long and rich tradition of grape growing and art in the Hudson Valey. The new spirit embracing the wine community is a great one. And this co-joining with the Valley's artists makes it that much more exciting.

The evening went very well. Lot's of great wine, fabulous cheese from Sprout Creek Farm, and wonderful handmade chocolates. A lovely time.

Bob and Linda and guest at the event. The other gentleman is Jack Braunlein, Director of Lyndhurst, which will be the first venue to show the complete selection of the works of art in the spring at the Lyndhurst Mansion. (event information and ticket ordering below!)

Hudson Valley Wine Goddess Debbie Gioquindo and her hubby Paul were there.

The ubiquitous Cesar Bez of Brotherhood Winery with trusty sales/marketing/uber person Colleen.

Steve Osborn from Stoutridge was also their.

Jan Palaia of Palaia Vineyards. Here she is with John and Michele Hull of Applewood Vineyards.

Doug Glorie of Glorie Farm Winery and Matt Specarelli of Benmarl Winery.

Yancy Migliore of Whitecliff Vineyard.

Tiffany Robibero and her fiance Ryan (the business manager and winemaker) of the new Robibero Family Vineyards.

A great nite!
They are offering 15% discount on ticket sales through Christmas. Tickets include exhibit opening, wine and food pairings, tour of the mansion and benefits the educational programs at Lyndhurst:
Do it now! See you there!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hudson Valley Wineries Shine at New Amsterdam Farmers Market

Last weekend, almost 30 New York wineries were featured at the New Amsterdam Farmers Market down by the South Street Seaport. Five Hudson Valley wineries proudly poured their wines for the resilient wine festival goers who braved winter emperatures, and the lovely cold winds blowing off the East River.

The folks form Robibero were there.

Benmarl Winery was there. Matt Specarelli was looking especially rugged.

George Caifaro was there for Cascade Mountain Winery.

Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery was there also.

And Hudson-Chatham Winery was there as well.