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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

El Paso Winery - Maryl Vogel Making Great Wine

The El Paso Winery is a winery in Hudson Valley with a happy atmosphere and friendly staff, always ready to help out customers. El Paso winery as it is now was founded in 1998- but the actually winery has persisted since 1977 when it was founded by Felipe Beltra. Felipe was a spanish winemaker from Uruguay, and he built the vineyard up with his own hands. The Winery was purchased by Ms. Vogel in 1998 and revamped- but the effort and heart that was put into creating the original winery persists today- in the immense support and drive that goes into maintaining the high standard El Paso winery has set for itself.


Vogel didn’t expect to be purchasing the winery when she stopped in on a trip to New Jersey. She had already retired, and she already had plans for a side project in the works. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the winery after seeing it for herself- and within a year, she owned it. Evidently she made a good decision, and customers agree. Customer reviews speak for themselves- universal praise for the taste of the wines and the classiness of the decor and atmosphere of the winery- as well as the beautiful surroundings and countryside activities. You can dine along the creek, enjoying the floating water as you enjoy your meal. If that’s too slow for you- go hiking after your meal, and then stay in one of the many hotels in the area. Boat rides on the hudson or a walk through the countryside- this winery has no shortage of beauty, internal or external. And that isn’t even mentioning the beauty of the night- where you can enjoy a delicious taste underneath a beautiful sky.

People call the owner of the winery, Maryl Vogel, a friendly and knowledgeable affable owner- and a person who definitely adds to the experience of trying out the wines and spending time in the beautiful place. Not to say that she is the only factor that adds to the experience- Vogel has set up beautiful garnishes to the main event, including gorgeous hand-blown wine glasses, gourmet wine biscuits and chips, and delicious salsas of the winery’s own creation. Vogel has even created many of her own wines- showing a passion for the craft that adds to her service.

The winery does it’s actual job well- customers of the winery call the wines “delicious”, and show an obvious “emphasis on flavor”. The winery allows customers to taste their first 4 wines for free, and allows for two free wines with the purchase of a case- with all wines having an amazing value for the quality provided. A large selection of delicious wines- notably including two “Reislings”- among a large quantity of other high quality wines.
Evidently, the warm and sophisticated atmosphere hasn’t detracted at all from effort put forward to maintaining the quality of the product provided. In fact, the El Paso Winery has combined these ideas of customer service and high class wines directly, offering customized personalized labeling (all hand designed) and deals involving special events. When asked what she thought her best wine was, Ms. Vogel had some issue picking out just a single one! Eventually she was able to come up with the “dry, red, Black Bear” She describes it as “beautifully smooth and with a beautiful nose- a wine for everyone.” Visitors can purchase this wine and enjoy it with some of the homemade Sangria that Ms. Vogel makes every weekend.

    Rated highly by it’s customers for very good reason, El Paso winery is a destination. With amazing customer service, no shortage of activities to do, and a large quality selection of wines, the only doubt in a visitors mind is if they have the time to get to it all. When customers were given an opportunity to say anything they liked about the winery, one comment rose up above all- the place is like family. They’re so warm and friendly, that we feel “we can’t wait” to go again.
Profile written by Jorden James HWVC media staffer


Monday, May 26, 2014

Register Star: Wine and Food Festival Packs County Fairgrounds

The Columbia County fairgrounds were filled for the first day of the Hudson Berkshire Beverage Trail’s second annual Wine and Food Festival Saturday.
While craft vendors and food proprietors were scattered along the walkways into the fairgrounds, the main attractions, as made apparent by the throngs of people inside, were the buildings containing the wine and alcohol merchants.

One of the first businesses in the front of the building where most of the wine merchants were located was Germantown’s Tile Table World. Jennifer Hubbard, Tile Table World’s marketing director, was greeting interested patrons and explained what the five-year-old company does.

“You can go to our website ( and chose from imported tiles and use our layout program to lay out the exact table you want, then we build it and ship it to you,” she said.

The creator of the tables, George Upham, is a 90-year-old inventor native to Germantown who holds numerous patents, she said, adding the company is currently trying to patent the way in which they assemble the tile tables.

Though this was the company’s first year at the festival, Hubbard thought a reappearance next year might be in their future.

“We’re excited to come out and show our displays but also support local festivals showcasing local products and services,” she said. “We had a lot of interested people and I’d say this festival was worth it already even though we have one more day.”

Derek Groat and wife Ashley were on hand to sell their Core label of distilled spirits from Valatie’s Harvest Spirits Farm Distillery. The award-winning distillery returned to the festival after participating in the inaugural one.

“What was really special about last year’s festival — the first one — is that changes to the state distillery laws allowed us to sell our products at farmer’s markets and farmer’s festivals,” Derek said. “So the first time we ever got to sell individual bottles outside of our tasting room was here. It was so successful it was easy to return again.”

All of the distillery’s Core line of products are gluten-free. Many alcoholic products claim to be gluten-free after distillation processes but in fact are only 99-percent gluten-free, which may cause those overly sensitive to gluten to still get a reaction, according to the National Celiac Disease Foundation.

Derek pointed out that his “neighbors from the south,” Hudson Valley Distillers of Clermont, were at the festival after only having been in business a month.

Tom and Jennifer Yozzo run Hudson Valley Distillers out of Spirits Grove Farm, and confirmed they just started up in late April. Their products, vodka and applejack, are also made solely from apples and are thus gluten-free alcohols, something the Yozzos are very proud of.

“Both of us have gluten sensitivities,” Jennifer said. “Being able to provide alcohol that’s safe for so many people is important to us.”

Tom said they had done many festivals but that their distillery’s grand opening is from noon to 6 p.m. June 28 in Clermont.

“(U.S. Rep.) Chris Gibson (R,C,I-19) will be there,” he said. “He’s been a great support of us, distilleries and breweries and agriculture.”

Making one’s way through the packed building to sample various wines and foods could be daunting, as many booths had patrons lined up by the dozen.

Sue Gould Miller of Brookview Station Winery at Gould Orchards out of Castleton co-organized the event and I one of the people who runs the Hudson Valley Beverage Trail.

She said the event had at least double the vendors of its first year and over 500 online sales of entry tickets for both days.

“The fairgrounds are great,” she said. “We didn’t hold it here last year. To have the parking and the bathrooms and the ample space — it was just amazing. We’ll be coming back here next year.”
Miller said she plans to have a third festival next year, with no plans of stopping the annual tradition.

The festival continues from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. today at the Columbia County fairgrounds off Route 66 in Chatham.
To reach reporter Adam Clayton, call 518-828-1616 ext. 2513, or email

Hudson Berkshire WIne & Food Fest 2014 a Success!!! Photo Album

The Hudson Berkshire Wine & Food Festival 2014 drew 4,000 happy festival goers this year! And that matched the expanded selection consumers had to choose from. There were six distilleries, fourteen wineries, and three breweries. Always a fun event!!!

The media too responded to what has fast become one of the tent poles of the wine festival season in the Hudson Valley.

Aside from wines, beers, spirits, and ciders, there were food trucks, gourmet foods, and other fun desserts and food products.
Ed and Laura Tiedge of Still the One Distillery

Tom and Jennifer Yozzo of Hudson Valley Distillers

Andrew Mankin of Barrington Brewery in the Berkshires

Phillys Feder of ClintonVineyards

Michael Migiore of Whitecliff Vineyards

Ashley Hartka of Harvest Spirits

Paula and Fred of Cereghino-Smith
Kelley Slagle of Farm to Glass Tours
did a mixology class


Celebrity Chef Johnny Ciao!

Beer expert Bret Kolmann Baker led the Hudson Valley beer tasting.

James Bear Awarding-winning cookbook author Susan Simon gave a fabulous presentation.

Kristen and Peter Voelker of Helderberg Meaworks

Jennifer Moyer of Hudson Valley Distillers

Pony rides were one of the most polar attractions of the weekend for children and adults!



Chef David Robinson, who appears regularly on WNYT-TV Albany and founder of Culinary Command, made a fabulous Italian chicken dish for the hungry crowd!



New York Times writer Clay Risen lead a brown spirits tasting and signed copies of his American, Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye book.



Joey of Brookview Station taking a much needed break.

Bryan Van Dusen of Hudson-Chatham Winery   

Prudence Theriault lead a tarot card reading class...always popular!

Molly Birnbaum and Jesse Hirsch of Modern Farmer Magazine

Dominique DeVito of Hudson-Chatham Winery